Successful Tips for Breast Feeding to Bottle Feeding Transition

Are you worried about your little one because they might encounter nipple confusion? In this thread we will give some useful tips for a successful bottle feeding transition.

Every breast feeding mommas has a different journey to tell, not all of them have the luxury to stay at home 24/7 just to take care for their children. They sometimes need to be away because they are working or simply want to have some quiet time alone. Thinking about bottle feeding their little one due their absence becomes an option, but worry after because their babies will start to prefer bottle feeding and might end up having nipple confusion.

Worry no more, there are actions that you can do to make bottle feeding and breast feeding work together.

Things to do for effective Bottle Feeding

Buy the slowest flow bottle nipple

As most mom fear nipple confusion we highly encourage to choose a slow flow nipple bottle, babies need to use their muscle the same way they does at the breast. It is the best to stay with the slowest possible nipple for the rest of time that you are trying to do both bottle feeding and breast feeding.

Practice Paced Bottle

Paced bottle feeding is the process of mimicking the breast feeding tempo and feel. Practice to feed babies by demand not by schedule. Always give baby lots of pauses. It is also useful to hold the baby upright and hold the bottle horizontally.

Find other ways to sooth your baby

Your baby being fussy doesn’t mean he is hungry, use alternative options like rocking, sushing or putting you baby to sleep for nap time. Sometimes they just want to be soothed. In this process they will not also avoid over feeding.

Don’t buy in big quantities

When you’re searching for the suited feeding bottle for your baby, make sure you only buy one or two of it. Remember it is a trial and error process. See first if it works for your baby.

Let your partner feed your baby

It may sound awkward and difficult at first but you should step back and let other do the task.

Practice good position

You don’t want to change a lot from your baby’s experience, changing many things might not be a good idea. Gently hold the baby the way you hold him while you are breast feeding.

Watch for clues

Observation is the key, babies are smarter than you think. They knew when they need more milk or when they are full. You have to observe for gestures saying they want more or they have enough.

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