Tips to Qualify and How to Apply Online on SSS Maternity Benefits?

Are you worried about your SSS Maternity Benefits qualification? Social Security System is one of the leading state pension fund in the Philippines, that holds the rights and benefits of it’s female member.

What is Maternity Benefits?

Among all the benefits that fall under the SSS, Maternity Benefits is especially dedicated to female members it is a cash allowance granted to them.

Who are Qualified on Maternity Benefits?

You are qualified for the SSS Maternity Benefit if you have paid at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12 months immediately BEFORE your Semester of Delivery/Contingency (childbirth or miscarriage).

The qualification on the paid SSS monthly contribution is a little bit confusing. Let us explain to you further.

To know if you are qualified:

  • Identify your Delivery Month. Consult your OB-Gyne to know your expected delivery due date. Let us assume that your Expected Delivery Month is December 2021, we will use this on our example.
  • Identify the Quarter of your Delivery Month. Then based on your expected delivery month, identify the quarter where it will fall. If you are still confused on how to identify which quarter your month of delivery falls, here is a table of Quartering being observed by the SSS.
    Quarter 1: January-March, Quarter 2: April-June, Quarter 3: July-September, Quarter 4: October-December On our example, if your expected month of delivery is December 2021, then it falls on the 4th quarter of the year.
  • Identify the Semester of Contingency. After knowing the Quarter of your Delivery month, now let us identify the Semester where your delivery month falls. A semester refers to a two consecutive Quarters. To identify the semester of your Delivery Month, add one quarter prior to the quarter of your delivery month.
    The Quarter before that is the third Quarter (July 2021). The 3rd and 4th quarter or the July-December 2021 is your Semester of Contingency.
    Let’s take another example. Your Expected Delivery Month is July 2021 and it falls under the third quarter (July-September) of the year. The quarter before that is the second quarter (April-June). The second and third quarter of 2021 or the April-September is your Semester of Contingency.
  • Check your posted contributions. Now that you know your Semester of Contingency, you should have at least 3 monthly contribution within the 12 month period BEFORE your Semester of Contingency.

Your expected month of delivery is December 2021.
Your Contingency Semester is July-December 2021.
12 Month Period prior to Semester of Contingency: July 2020-June 2021.
From July 2020-June 2021, the SSS member should have at least 3 months contribution posted to qualify for the SSS Maternity Benefits.

How to Apply for SSS Maternity Benefit?

Notify SSS of your Pregnancy

Step 1 should be done within 60 days after you confirmed your pregnancy. Always make sure to keep your SSS-approved Maternity Notification document as this will be one of the documents you will present when filing your SSS Maternity Reimbursement in Step 2.

Here are some ways on how to Notify SSS About your Pregnancy:

A. Thru your Employer (if Employed) or thru SSS Branch (if Voluntary Member)

As soon as you have confirmed that you are pregnant you must immediately notify your employer if you’re employed, or notify SSS directly if you are an SSS Voluntary member.

To notify of your Pregnancy, you must submit of the following documents with your estimated date of delivery:

  • SSS Maternity Notification Form
  • Proof of Pregnancy (Ultrasound Result)
  • UMID or any two valid IDs, both with signature and at least 1 with photo and date of birth

You must submit these documents to your Employer or SSS at least 60 days from the date of conception.
For employed members, once you submitted these documents to your employer (or through your HR officer), your employer will then immediately notify SSS about your pregnancy.

B. Thru SSS Website

If you are registered to My.SSS online, you can file or submit the SSS Maternity Notification at the SSS website.

C. Thru Text Notification

To submit maternity notifications through Text-SSS, members should register first on SSS Text Services:
To register, simply type SSS REG <SS Number> <Date of Birth in MM/DD/YY Format>
Example: SSS REG 031234567 01/01/80 then send to 2600.

Then you can proceed to:
SSS MATERNITYNOTIF <SS Number> <PIN> <Expected Delivery Date MM/DD/YYYY> <Total Number of Pregnancies (including this pregnancy)> then send to 2600.

You will be charged P2.50 per text for Globe and Smart Subscribers. P2.00 for Sun Cellular Subscribers.
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D. SSS Self Service Information Terminals you can find in SSS Branch and some Malls.

No documentation needed for Maternity Notification filed thru SSS website, text or SSIT.
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How to file Maternity Claims Online

  • Open SSS website (
  • Click member
  • Type user ID and password (register first, if not registered)
  • Click E-Services
  • Click submit Maternity Notification
  • Input expected due date that is written exactly on your Ultra Sound/Supported documents with EDD
  • Click print to have a hard copy
  • Click submit and take note of your transaction number

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