Common Pregnancy Myths And Beliefs

As your journey through pregnancy started, you might hear advices from different people time to time. Which may lead you into confusions on what are the things that you should do and you shouldn’t. Here are some of the common pregnancy myths that you might hear and some facts about it.

Pregnant women should eat for two

Over eating is bad for you and your baby. Eating on a balance diet is the most important thing to do. You don’t need extra calories for you and your baby just to be healthy.

Morning sickness only happens in the morning

Vomiting and nausea during pregnancy may occur at any times of the day. It is because if the hormonal changes happening on your body. Most women experience morning sickness only on their first trimester but in rare cases, most women experience it on their entire pregnancy journey.

Heart burn means your baby has thick hair

Heart burn is common upon pregnancy especially when your baby starts to grow bigger. It is most commonly happens when the baby is bigger and noticeable.

Pregnant women should refrain eating chocolates and drinking coffee

A small amount of caffeine may it be in form of piece of chocolate or in coffee is ok. As long as you eat and drink with moderation. Always remember chocolate are high in calories and too much coffee can affect your sleep routine.

It is not safe to take a bath everyday

It is perfectly fine to take a shower everyday whenever you feel to. Most women experience increase on their body temperature during pregnancy, taking quick shower help them to feel comfortable. It will not surely give your baby cold and flu, as long as you are healthy and fine.

Sex during pregnancy hurts the baby

It is one of the most common pregnancy myths. Many gets confused because of this saying. The baby is floating inside a pool of water, a balloon like bag that is surrounded by thick muscle called uterus. As long as you are not sensitive and don’t have bleedings it is fine to have sex during pregnancy. In rare cases, doctors recommend abstaining having sex during pregnancy because of some medical reasons.

Dyeing your hair is harmful for your baby

There is no evidence proven that dyeing your hair causes harm on your baby. There is no proof that the things used for hair dyeing reach the baby or have potential to cause any harm.

You can tell the baby’s gender by your belly

There is no concrete evidence that the shape of your belly can determine the gender of your baby. Having ultrasound can help you tell if your baby is a girl or boy, but it is still not 100% reliable.

Creams can avoid stretch marks

It is completely normal to have stretch marks during pregnancy, your skin stretches while your baby grows in your belly. The chances of having stretch marks rises when you gain so much weight during pregnancy. Putting creams and oils are bit proven to reduce the appearance of it.

Knowledge is power, with so much information we often hear it is hard to tell what is a fact or a myth. There are myths that are misleading and may cause you alarm, it is always best to talk to your OB-Gyne before making any significant life style changes during pregnancy.

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