Why Giving Water On Babies Below Six Months Are Not Advisable?

Have you ever feel bad for your new born baby during summer time, when the weather is very hot and humid, and wanted to give him water to feel refreshed and hydrated? Maybe you have to think twice before you consider to give water on babies younger than six months.

Your new born surely needs some hydration, but water is not in the option. Babies under six months old, will get enough nutrition and hydration from breast milk and formula milk. Breast milk is composed of 80% water, it is enough to provide fluids that your little one needs. For babies who are bottle fed can stay hydrated with the help of proper mixture and formulation of their formula milk, that is why it is important to follow instruction when mixing milk powder and water.

When to introduced water to baby?

If your baby is under 6 months, breast milk or formula milk is enough. Most experts suggest that you can give water to your baby when they’ve started eating solid foods. The most ideal age to introduce solids and water are ages six months and above. At this stage your little one can drink four to six ounces or half a cup of water per day.

What is Water Intoxication?

According to New York Reuters Health you should never give water to drink on babies your than six months, because consuming too much water can put babies’ life in danger and may lead to life threatening condition known as water intoxication.

Water is not recommended for infants under six months. Babies’ bodies aren’t suited for water, it can interfere with the ability of their body to absorb nutrients from breast milk or formula milk. Their kidney’s aren’t fully develop, so when their body absorbs too much water their body releases sodium with excess water and losing sodium can cause drowsiness, mental changes, irritability, mood swings, and can affect brain activity.

Risks of Giving Water to New Born

  • Chemical Imbalances – It can affect baby’s normal body functions.
  • Decreased on Weight – In giving water, babies are not getting enough nutrients that their bodies need to gain weight.
  • Brain Swelling – Build up of fluid in the brain, increases the pressure inside the skull.
  • Death – It can cause seizure, coma, brain damage and be fatal due to water intoxication.

It may be appropriate on some babies to take water early, but always consider asking your pediatrician about your concern on giving water to your child at early age.

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