Can Kissing Causes Rashes on Baby Skin?

There are different types of rashes that appears on baby. There are rashes on baby skin that are commonly seen on new born babies in their first few months of life, that eventually disappear as they age. Some are caused by just kissing a baby on its lips or cheeks. In many cases there are rashes that give baby painful and uncomfortable feeling.

Different types of Rashes on Baby

  • Diaper Rash – One of the most known inflammation that can be seen on baby’s skin, it appears on patch bright red sometimes itchy on skin. They most likely to grow in warm and moist areas. Yeast infection and bacteria can also be the cause, being soak on a diaper that is full of urine for a long time can trigger these infections. It is often found on baby’s private area and butt.
  • Bug Bites – These are small bites that stings from different types of mites and insects like mosquitoes, tick, wasps, bees, ants, bees and more. In rare case it can lead to allergic reaction that needs immediate medical attention. It is most likely to be itchy and painful, it appears on red tiny spots and stings for several days.
  • Food Allergy – It is the tingling and itching reaction of the body caused by food allergy. It is thick, red and itchy patches on the skin. Some of the food that can trigger allergies are nuts, chocolates, fruits, soya and wheat. It can also lead to hospitalization if not controlled.
  • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease – HFMD is one of the most common skin infection in children below 5 years old, the symptoms of HFMD are rashes and blisters on their hands, feet, mouth, legs, genitals, and the itchiness worsen from time to time. It can be very painful and disturbing especially on babies, medical attention is needed on this case. It is most likely to appear on summer, caused by a contagious virus that can be spread with just a simple contact of saliva, stool or blood with a person who is infected. It also comes with fever, lack of appetite sore throat and ulcer in rare cases. It can also be caused by kissing a baby’s face, many diseases can be passed thru simply kissing someone’s baby.
  • Eczema – It is sometimes called Atopic Dermatitis it refers to an allergy. It may sometimes linked to asthma with itchy red skin patches that can cause irritation and scaly skin.

Treatment for Rashes on Baby Skin

  • Always bathe your baby especially during summer
  • Use mild soap and baby products
  • Always keep your baby dry and moisturize
  • Avoid giving food that has allergy contents
  • Avoid giving oily and greasy food
  • Always clean the areas that are prone to bugs and mites
  • Put ointment cream on baby rash like zinc oxide or petroleum jelly
  • Always change you baby’s diaper, check it from time to time
  • Always keep the affected area clean and dry
  • Consult a doctor if you notice unusual changes on your baby, and observe your baby. Bring the baby to the nearest doctor if Allergic Reaction and fever occurs together with rashes.
  • Severe cases is not advised to take over the counter medicine. Immediate professional health care is needed.
  • Kissing someone’s baby is forbidden

Rashes on Baby’s Neck and Face

There are different types of rashes that appears on baby’s body. One of the most typical appears on their face and neck.

Some causes of these rashes are:

  • Friction
  • Kissing baby on face repeatedly
  • Heat
  • Spilled milk on the face and neck
  • Chemical used on the products they wear
  • Fabric softener
  • Soap and Body Wash
  • Food Allergies

Treatment for Baby Rashes on Neck and Face

  • Always keep the affected areas dry and clean
  • Oatmeal baths will help
  • Use over the counter creams/ointments for mild cases (Zinc Oxide, Mupirocin, Calmoseptine)
  • Avoid using fragranced baby products

Baby Rash Prevention

  • Use mild detergent soaps for baby’s clothes
  • Keep skin clean and dry
  • Always change diaper
  • Dress your baby in comfortable and breathable clothes
  • Dress your baby according to the weather
  • Never let anyone kiss your baby
  • Try to use lotion and bath wash for sensitive skin
  • Lessen the usage of Baby Oil and Aceite De Manzanilla
  • Observe your little one for any food allergy

Baby rashes can be alarming but in most cases baby rashes come naturally upon they grow. Kissing babies may transfer different types of disease and rashes, it can also develop fever blisters that may appear on baby’s mouth that can spread throughout the whole body.

We can’t help but touch and kiss a new born whenever we see one, but studies have shown that kissing a baby on their lips or face can lead to unintentional harm to them.

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