Can Baby Powder Cause Asthma and Pneumonia on Babies?

Baby powder is mostly used by parents to prevent baby rashes and itchiness. They also used for baby’s comfort when the weather is hot. It is as common as diaper and milk for babies, but is it really safe for your little one?

What are the components of Baby Powder?

Baby powder are often consists of two main ingredient which are starch and talcum powder. Almost all of it in the market was made of talc, the mineral that is mainly composed of the elements magnesium, silicon and oxygen. Starch and talc are often use because it provides moisture and fragrance on powders, it is also mostly found on different cosmetic products.

How baby powder causes asthma to babies?

Most pediatrician refrain parents from using baby powder on their baby, especially on the genital area. There are no medically necessity to use it for babies, breathing too much powder may lead to serious lung problems, chronic diseases and even cancer when used for long time.

The American Academy for Pediatrics reports that talc and cornstarch ingredient on powder is harmful especially for babies. It can cause ovarian cancer for using it on their genitals especially for female babies, because it goes on the inside part of it making it more dangerous. Sensitive individuals like babies may also develop allergy, rashes, asthma or even pneumonia due to inhalation of talc. Inhalation of baby powder may trigger asthma attack for babies with asthma, due to it’s strong odor. Talc present in the powder can dry infants mucous membrane, can cause difficulty of breathing and damage the lungs in long run.

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How to use Baby Powder Safely?

As cited earlier there is no definite need to use it. But if you choose to still use it, there are some ways to apply it safely for babies.

  • Choose a natural and talc free powder
  • Limit the amount of usage
  • Apply it on your hand first
  • Pat the powder on the skin and legs (but not on genitals)
  • Change diaper frequently to avoid diaper rash
  • Choose alternative remedy for rashes, use zinc oxide cream or petroleum jelly

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