Why Baby Oil and Aceite De Manzanilla are not good for babies?

Baby oil and Aceite de Manzanilla are two of the most commonly used products for babies before. It is also the “magic remedy” of your aunt, mother and mother in law. New parents often receive an advice from the elders to use baby oil before bathing babies to prevent them from getting coughs and colds, while aceite de manzanilla use for threathing colic for babies. But are these products really safe and efficient at present times to use for your baby?

The Risk of Baby Oil for babies

Baby oil is a hydrocarbon, a substance when inhaled can be fatal especially for your little one. It falls to the hydrocarbon category which can be easily inhaled and slippery that may lead to pneumonia if left untreated. Like any other oil baby oil block the baby’s pores and trapped the germs on the pores and skin that cause germs to spread out. Aspiration of mineral oil is its main component and has been described to cause lipoids pneumonia when swallowed and inhaled. Other times it causes allergies that leads baby to the hospital.

Reasons Why Aceite de Manzanilla are not suitable for babies

Aceite de Manzanilla and other liniments can cause burns and pneumonia based on Pediatric-pulmonologist Bibiano Reyes, it is not advisable to use these things for babies. It also can be a cause of coughs and flu, because of the germs attached on the oil and the skin of the baby that later inhaled by them and develop life threatening disease. These oils are easily absorbed by baby’s skin because of it’s thin and fragile skin that later on developed to become burns and rashes.

Whatever you apply on your baby’s skin, it will be easily absorbed by their skin. Always make sure that your baby is clean and comfortable, clean environment is a must also to prevent different types of disease. Make sure to complete all the vaccines for babies to prevent future complications, listening to other people’s advice is never wrong, but always ask yourself if it is safe and effective for your child. Prevention is always better than cure.

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