Baby Led Weaning Must Have Essentials

  • Baby Led Weaning Must Have Essentials
  • How to Deal With Your Picky Eater?
  • toddler putting spoon in mouth
  • Baby Led Weaning Must Have Essentials
  • How to Deal With Your Picky Eater?

Baby Led Weaning is the method of skipping spoon feeding, mashed and pureed food while letting your little one be in charged of feeding themselves. Before you can start your little one’s BLW journey you must have to consider buying BLW must have essentials. It may be a very messy business but it can be more beneficial when you start right.
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These are the essentials you may consider buying before you start Baby Led Weaning:

High Chair

High chair with a tray/table with a nice cushion that can easy be clean and change easily. It is also important to consider before buying one if the product is comfortable, baby can move freely, easy to assemble and safe for your baby.

Silicone Bib

Normal cotton bib will help in minimizing the mess, but having a silicone bib with a catcher at the bottom is a genius move. It will help you lessen the mess and can avoid food falling on the floor. Choose a nice, soft, and food grade silicone.

Suction Plate/Suction Bowl

There are wide varieties of plate and bowl to choose from. A bamboo plate, silicone, ceramic and the list goes on. Always choose a plate/bowl with a suction underneath it helps to hold the plate/bowl in place. It also prevent your little one to knock the food out of the plate and throw it on the floor. It saves you from picking plates from time to time.

Long Sleeved Bibs

Tired of washing baby’s stained clothes because of the food you gave them? Long sleeved bib is the answer, it saves you lot of time doing laundry and removing stains from your baby’s clothes. You can consider buying waterproof long sleeved bib, that are easy to remove and wear and comfortable to use.

Silicone Place Mat

This mat will save you from always messing up the table. It can be easily washed just like plates, it can also be wiped. It is place above the table and under the plate/bowl. It is also easy to clean, fold and accessible to bring anywhere you go.

Proper Utensils

Investing in the suitable utensils for your child is a big essential. Choosing a nice, light and comfortable utensils that can make their lives easy and fun. Buying the proper utensils also help them develop motor skills that become sharper day by day.

Do you figure out what things are you going to buy for your baby’s BLW essentials? BLW journey is never an easy task but it can also be enjoyable and super beneficial.

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