Tips to Save Money for Stay at Home Mom

How many times have you made a promise to yourself that you would save money even you are stay at home mom? It may be hard to say no on the things you want to purchase things for your husband and child. In the case that you are dependent on one income, you need to spend wisely and save money for future purposes.

Assess your finances

Before having a solution, you need to identify first the problem. You have to assess on how much money you have in your hand, what are your expenses and more. You need to assess the amount of money your husband is making.

Create a budget plan

When you know how much you have in your hand, you need to create a plan. Creating a weekly/monthly budget plan, will make things easier. You will see where you put most and least your money. Make a list of your expenses, saving funds, and leisure budget. In that case you can easily cut the items in your list that you spend most but you least need.

Buy what you really need

Now that you have a budget on your hand, next thing that you need to do is make a list of your grocery items. Make sure you stick to the budget that you allot on groceries, list the things that you need for the week/month. To avoid impulsive buying and forgetting the things that you really need to buy. Limit yourself on buying things that you and your family don’t need.

Have a meal plan

The same as listing your grocery items, create a meal plan for the entire family and a meal plan suited for your baby (if you have any) for the whole week. It makes you save more money and time. You less likely to buy stuffs and ingredients you don’t need when you cook.

Have your own garden

Grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs at your backyard or create a DIY space where you can plant them, just like in pots or containers. It is one of the most effective way to save money. As a stay at home mom, planting is also a good hobby to start.

Find Extra Income

Try finding other source of income that is flexible to your time, try selling online or find a part time job. It can be a big help on saving for your family’s future.

Live below your means

Rather than spending money on fancy trips, buying luxury items you don’t even need, splurging on latest phones keep your money on tracks and save it for the future. You can save it in the bank and invest it.

Contented and Grateful

Keeping your possessions few and a simple lifestyle. The less you need the happier you will be. Be contented and grateful on everything that you have.

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