Things to pack on your hospital bag for mommy and baby

Things to pack on your hospital bag for mommy and baby
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The day you welcome your new born, is one of the most important moment in your life. It is better to plan and be prepared to have a hospital bag check list many weeks before your due date, so you can be ready what ever emergency and unexpected things happen and never leave out any essential but there is no need to over do things.

Ideally you should prepare a list of your must have in a bag that you can always carry whatever the situation is. You can prepare your baby bag when you are around 30-36 weeks or much better earlier, you have a long time frame to fix, prepare and pack the things that you need to bring for you and your baby. Always be prepared just in case you need to go to the hospital earlier than expected due date.

Things to consider before packing

  • Things hospital provide – mostly hospital provides a set of list provided for patient. It will be wise for you to know what are the things you will be charged off and what are the thing that you will and will not buy.
  • What hospitals allow – some hospitals are strict on their rules and regulations, they follow a strict protocol most especially in this time of pandemic. So find out what you can’t bring and what you can.
  • Consider the time/weather – keep in mind the weather so you can pack accordingly.

Hospital bag Check List


  • Baby Book/Mother’s Pregnancy Journal – arrange all your medical records in a folder and never ever forget it. Arrange all your medical records and ultrasounds in a folder.
  • Government Issued ID/Important Documents – Put in a separate folder your IDs, insurance document (if any) like PhilHealth, SSS and important files that are related to your birth.
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  • Hair tie – if you have a long hair, you always need to tie your hair.
  • Cellphones, charger, power bank – Always bring your phone just in case you need to call someone when emergency happens and you need assistance. It can be used to take meaningful photos.
  • Cotton socks – it is advisable to wear a pair of socks after your delivery. Your feet tend to become cold.
  • Toiletries – Feminine wash, shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush, hand soap, tissue, towels and face towel.
  • Maternity Diaper – you need to wear one after deliver.
  • Clothes – You need to bring comfortable and easy access clothes. It needs to allow you to move freely.

New Born Baby

  • New Born Clothes – Rompers, mittens, socks, booties
  • Cup/Bonnet – for baby’s head
  • Baby Diaper – try to buy diaper in a smaller pack, you have to give the diaper a try first. You’ll never know if they’ll have allergic reaction and rashes upon wearing it.
  • Water Proof Rubber Sheet – To keep the baby’s bed dry during diaper change.
  • Cotton sheets and Blankets – To protect your baby from cold
  • Bibs and towel – use when baby spits and when burping the baby.
  • Baby Toiletries – Baby shampoo and wash, Wet Wipes, alcohol, diaper rash cream, cotton, cotton swab etc.

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