Kind Acts You Can Teach to Your Children

Children learn by imitating the actions of the people around them, as they experience and watch kind acts from their parents and people around, they learn how to be kind and reciprocate it to others.

1. Pray for your children every day. Let them hear your simple and sincere prayers for them, and your gratitude towards God for giving them the gift of life.

Kind Acts You Can Teach to Your Children
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2. Show them your love through actions. Hug your children as often as you can. It releases a happy hormone that contributes to their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Kind Acts You Can Teach to Your Children
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3. Spending time with your children. No matter how busy your schedule, make sure you make time for them, spend time doing household chores with them, guide them throughout the process, they will learn how to do task well, show them love and support as they practice.

Kind Acts You Can Teach to Your Children
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4. When they’ve done something wrong, try to explain how they became wrong on their actions, instead of saying hurtful words, punishing them, and surprise them with grace instead. This will also help them understand God’s grace. In dedd this is one of the many important kind acts children need to have.

Kind Acts You Can Teach to Your Children
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5. Telling stories, start a movie night with them. Ask your children to choose their favorite movies. Afterwards ask questions about the morale, lesson of the movie, and how they understand the movie.

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6. Have gentle tickle sometimes. It makes the bond stronger.

Kind Acts You Can Teach to Your Children
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7. Don’t rush your child. Plan ahead and make sure that you both have plenty of time to spend together. Patience is always needed.

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8. Help them discover a hobby that they really enjoy. Avoid giving them gadgets to play with, instead encourage them to draw, paint, cook, sing or dance.

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9. Before you discipline your children, always take a pause look them in the eyes, smile and give them a hug. Once they feel safe, loved and forgiven, they will be in a better place to learn from their experience.

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A child’s actions and behavior is mold on the experience they have with their loved once. Kind acts that can help them grow and develop to be a good person.

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