How to Deal With Your Picky Eater?

Picky Eating is when a child refuses to eat different types of food offered to them over and over again. As parents we are worried if the nutrition they are getting from food is enough. This are the things that you can do to tame your picky eater:

Never force feed your child

If you force to for feed your little one to eat, they may start to have discomfort and tension while eating, causing them to be more irritated and fussy.

Let your baby touch their food

Letting them explore and enjoy their food by simply allowing them to touch their food. Babies learn by simply letting them do things on their own, let them enjoy and savor every pieces of their food. Be familiar in its shape, texture and taste.  As a human you probably wouldn’t eat something you’ve never touch and seen.

Presentation and Appearance

Sometimes appearance of food may affect their appetite, try serving food with different shapes, sizes, texture and color. Serving them appealing and appetizing dishes will help them boost their appetite.

Minimize Distractions

Let your little one focus on one thing, and that is eating. When meal time, make sure all the things that can get their attention are away and turned off, just like televisions and gadgets. Refuse giving them gadgets to play with while they are eating, nor turn on the television as they eat. Keeping distractions away leads them to focus more on their food.

Patience is always needed

Keep offering foods but never force them to eat. Some babies need to try food for several times before they like and enjoy it. Put in mind that you want your child to eat on their own without forcing them to do so. Baby’s rejection of food is not a rejection of you.

Respect your child’s appetite

Maybe your child is simply full, not in the mood to eat or they feel pain and discomfort observe your child’s actions and behavior.

Understand everyone’s responsibility

Your job is to feed your baby, but it’s your baby’s responsibility to decide what and how much food they will eat. Never feel guilty about yourself if your child refuses to eat. If you notice something is wrong, and unusual never hesitate to call your pediatrician.

Baby Led Weaning is one of the method that can help your child’s appetite develop and prevent from being picky eater.

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