The Benefits of Baby Led Weaning

You may have heard a lot of times the term Baby Led Weaning, what is it all about, and how to have a successful BLW journey. Introducing your little one to solid through baby led weaning will allow them to be in control, choose and explore whatever food they put inside their mouth. Now we are here to discuss what are the positive benefits of Baby Led Weaning.

What are the benefits of Baby Led Weaning?

1. Your baby can explore, choose food by themselves, it will help them gain their independence at early age.

2. They are exposed to different food variety, texture and taste.

3. They less likely to become a picky eater.

4. They have control on their appetite, they stop being a fussy eater.

5. They recognized when they are full or not, babies know how much food they take. It reduce the chance of obesity.

6. Babies explore and experiment, they enjoy the company of food, and starting to love what they are doing.

7. Babies learn day by day through experience.

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