Tips for Successful Baby Led Weaning

The feeding method Baby Led Weaning or also known as BLW is the kind of approach allowing infant to ear and enjoy food all by themselves. It allows baby to have control on whatever food they put inside their mouth. Here are some of the useful tips to a successful Baby Led Weaning journey:

1. Make sure your baby shows the signs of readiness and eagerness towards food.

2. Look for a high chair that allows your baby to move their arms and hands freely and where they can have a good and comfortable posture while sitting.

3. Choose one food at a time, keep offering the same kind of food for at least a day or two. They will be familiarize to its taste and texture slowly but surely.

4. Offer colorful and healthy food. Start offering finger and solid foods. When your baby seems uninterested just simply take a break. Patience is always a virtue.

5. Gagging is far different from choking. It is simply a sign that your baby is learning to move and chew food in their mouth.

6. Sit and eat with them, it will give them courage to eat independently. Babies learn by just watching what people around them.

7. Try offering water in a small open cup.

8. Offer finger size food, large enough for your baby’s grip and soft to put into their mouth.

9. Avoid force feeding your baby. Every baby is different. They have their own timeline.

10. Being messy is always part of the journey.

Always sit with them and watch them while they are eating. Encouraging and guiding them properly are the primary things they needed the most. Always be positive in any way you want to feed your child.

Allowing them to be independent will give them the positive benefits of Baby Led Weaning.

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