Potty Training your Little One

Potty train is the process of training young child or infant on how to use the toilet or potty train to pee or to poop. We got some useful tips for you to train your little one.

Make sure your child is ready

Some children show signs of readiness when they reach ages between 18 to 24 months, other children show early readiness at the age of 1. Observing your child’s action and behavior will definitely a big help.

Child pooping

Placing potty train in the visible area

Placing it in a place that are easily accessible and easy to find. Try explaining and demonstrating the use of it and its proper use, as patiently as possible. They can learn by simply copying someone.

Potty Training

Praise your children

Praising them whenever you see them peeing or pooping in a potty train or toilet bowl. It will encourage them to build their confidence in doing it repeatedly and properly.

Praising a child

Put easy access clothes

Putting clothes that tight and uncomfortable will put them in struggle to learn easily. Put clothes that are easy to change and remove.

Comfortable clothes

Know their signs

Observe your child’s action and behavior. When is the most often time your baby is more likely to poop and pee? Watching them and memorizing their facial expressions, grunting, body posture and body language, you’ll definitely know when is the time for them to poop and pee. Take it as a signal.

Observing a child

Not to rush

In potty training your little one try not to rush the process, observe and look. Make sure your child is ready and willing to do it cooperatively, being patient in teaching in one of the primary key in successful potty training.

Potty Training your Little One

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