Best Indoor Plants for Beginners

Planning to be a plant parent? Plants bring much happiness and joy in every home, a good hobby. A very perfect way to bring out the green thumb in you, but above all plants give good quality of air. Here are the list of indoor plants for every beginners who wants to take care of plants:


They are easy to keep alive and beautiful to look at. There are lot of varieties available in the market now, from cheapest to most expensive, differ in sizes, texture, color, and more. Some succulents don’t require too much attention nor a lot of water. Instead they love being in bright light beside your window or table.


They are vine and leafy indoor plants, they also have wide varieties from different parts of the world, differ in sizes, color, texture, height and more. If you take care of them right they will grow and grow. Another tip to produce more photos, cut some stem and transfer it in a jar or glass with water and allow roots to appear, before putting it in a soil pot. Some variety of photos grow up to 40 feet in height.


Member if the cactaceae, a family comprised of about 127 genera, with some 1750 known species of the order caryophyllales. They are slow growing plant, however it is a self sustaining plant, it store moisture in its roots, leaves and stem. Most of its variety bloom flower on spring and summer season. Check the Common Types of Cactus

This plant collection are good for beginners. They are easy to take care of, higher chance of survival, self-sufficient, and can make your home look appealing and beautiful. Are you willing to take the risk to become a Certified Plantita/Plantito?

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