Famous Street foods in the Philippines

When you hear the country Philippines, people always think about, hospitality, paradise, beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountains, wonderful islands, colorful history and their exceptional love for food. There are lots of varieties to choose, from appetizer, main course, side dishes, desserts and most of all street food, because of the original taste and affordable price. Recently many high-end restaurants offer Filipino street foods on their menu.

Here are some of the must-eat Filipino street food:

1. Isaw (5 pesos per stick)

It is one of the most popular street food in the Philippines. Both pig and chicken intestine, cleaned and boiled thoroughly then pierced in a barbeque stick, grilled over a fire pit until its tender and smoky.

Isaw Street Foods

2. Kwek-kwek (3 pesos each)

These are hard boiled quail eggs that are coated in orange colored batter made from flour, corn starch and water with orange food coloring. You can dip it in vinegar and onion.

Kwek Kwek Street Foods

3. Fishballs (1 peso each)

It is probably one of the most iconic and Filipino favorite especially by kids. They are made from fish meat and flour, fried in a lot of oil. It can also be dip in home made sweet sauce, or the classic vinegar and onion dippings.

Fishball Street Foods

4. One day old (8-10 pesos each)

It is literally a one-day-old male chick, the vendors often said that poultry owners sell for lesser amount the male chicken because they can’t lay eggs they are useless. So Filipino find ways to make it useful and something to eat. Cooked in adobo style, then fry into boiling oil. Best to eat when its hot, straight from the pan.

One day old
One day old

5. Balut (15-20 pesos each)

It is a fertilized egg embryo that is boiled into perfection for 20-30 minutes. Eaten directly from it shell. Usually made from duck eggs, but it can also be chicken eggs if the first one is not available. 16-17 days is the ideal intubation period for the eggs, so it still unnoticeable and soft to eat.


These Filipino street foods are easy to find you can find them near a park, church, school, gym, famous universities, public areas, factory and in some private locations. The best things are, they are very affordable and delicious.

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